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To make the contents of Sustainable Moldova/New Mobility dialogue more broadly accessible to all in the region, we have linked the content of the site to the increasingly well-performing Google machine translation engines that you will now find here. In each case all you have to do is click the language in which you wish to see the rough translation, and it will quickly appear on your monitor.

To be used with caution and some imagination, but if you need to find out the principal thrust and main lines of any given posting, these quick machine translations can be a real help.

Regional languages

To preserve the regional usefulness of the approach being developed here, you will find in this section convenient machine translations into the following regional languages.


Romanian to English

Finally in order to be able to welcome local inputs from Moldovan and Romanian sources, we have added a link so that English language readers will be able to have at least a readable working translation of the postings in Romanian.

* Click here for Romanian/English translation

 Chinese translation

The addition of an English/Chinese translate link is explained because we think the contents of this approach might also have some interesting lessons for university graduate students, civil society and public officials  working on these issues in Taiwan and China.

* Chinese (Traditional)

* Chinese (Simplified)

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