Street scenes

Moldavo Chisinau central bus station

Main bus station Chisinau

Never been in Moldova and interested to see how the transportation arrangements work in people’s daily lives. Here you have a broad range of views, articles and videos to put you in the picture.

The Streets of Moldova: First Glimpses

If you do not know Chisinau and Moldova and want to have a first feel for how the transport scene works there, sit back and have a look. And as you will see from the vantage of what we call “sustainable mobility” it offers a very mixed scene: things that work, and others that could work better. Like virtually every city on this gasping planet. Let’s have a look.


Traffic in Chisinau –

A minute in traffic in Chisinau (including some outstanding cowboy parking)

Morning commute –

How is traffic flowing in central Chisinau right now –

And if you want a longer and wider look at traffic and street life in Chisinau –

Moldova Chisinau crowded streeets with ped


Ride on a local bus in Chisinau ––lFVZ0E

A 7 minute ride on a trolleybus –
Moldova Chisinau trolleybus loading


Walking in Chisinau –

Chisinau street life –…

Pedestrian street projects –

Activists attacking illegally parked cars –

Moldova Chisinau activists illegally parked cars 2
As you can see things are pretty lively on the streets of Chisinau, the good, the bad and the ugly. Time to take a closer look.


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Moldova – Lost in Transition – toward youth and Europe but still an important part of the story).
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