Laying the foundation for a collaborative project (as per 31 Dec. 2016)

Moldova Chisinau waiting for busAs our contribution to preparing the way for a sponsored project, we have concentrated our initial efforts to prepare a first-stage organizational, working tools and communications base for the actual project. As of this date here are the main building blocks already for the most part in at least beta  working order — and ready to go as soon as the sponsors and partners give the green light:

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Tools: WhatsApp as a conferencing system

whatsapp on PC logo

A few hints to get going

I use WhatsApp for group projects only on my PC. Since it also has a conferencing function with at times substantial text and graphics, all of which steadily expanding in volume over time,  I cannot really use it comfortably on my portable phone.

Here is how you can get on line in a few minutes with your PC or Mac and put this tool to good use for your collaborative project.

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