Moldova Biblioteca - Universitatea Tehnică Gheorghe AsachiOne of the most important starting places when we set out to map the future of transport policy and practice on one place is to inventory the studies, projects and reports of the last ten to twenty years that may provide useful information to help better understand the overall problematique and challenge. All to often this includes projects and reports that have not been sufficiently exploited by those responsible. What did they find?  What did they recommend?  What  did they accomplish?

Here you have the bare beginnings of such a reference and archive.

National Transport Statistics –…/republic-of-mold…/topics/Transportation

WHO on road safety, injuries in Moldova…/country_profil…/republic_of_moldova.pdf

Ministry of the Environment –…/…/component/content/article…

Environment groups in Moldova –

Briefing Book From Development Partners of Moldova –…/moldova/publication/briefing-book

Moldova – Lost in Transition – toward youth and Europe but still an important part of the story).




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